Movie Library Services

Packages sizes are available in either 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 DVD’s.

Because each Apartment Community is different, each package can be customized to include more or less movies from a specific genre.

Packages are exchanged monthly.

Track-pro is an automated tracking system from included with your movie library service. Along with the software we provide a barcode scanner, a digital signature pad, and up to 200 Resident Library Cards.

It can be customized to track late fees, send out reminders via e-mail and text and enter “gathering” mode to not be able to check out movies right before an exchange. Another feature is package tracking, a service that makes packages and deliveries as simple as possible by organizing and sending alerts to residents when a package comes.

Barcode Scanner: The provided barcode scanner is used to quickly scan barcoded disks and Resident Library cards.

Library Cards: Each Resident checking out movies will receive a keychain-sized library card to make checking out and tracking movies as simple and organized as possible.

Digital Signature Pad:  This Pad is a way to speed up the package pickup process and keep a digital log of all incoming packages, getting rid of paper logs that add time and complications to tracking deliveries.

Additionally, Track-Pro tracks athletic and pool equipment, laptops, and much more.

Blu-ray/Video Game Library Service

Besides DVDs, we have Blu-ray and Video Game packages available to add to any size package. See pricing box above.

Each package is made up of New Releases and different genres including: Action, Comedy, Drama, Family friendly and others. Upon request, we also have a selection of older popular titles.